commissions_flyer_by_bcxart-d93rhezHey guys, if you have been listening to the show recently, you know that I am putting a little more focus on my art.  I am taking commission orders right now. You can get an original art piece by ME, you lovable podcast host.  You can check out the prices here and you can check out more of my artwork HERE.  You can see what I can do and if you want a print made of any of my existing art, let me know and we can work out a price for that as well.

You can order just a portrait, a bad waist up or a full body pic.  Maybe you HATE Spider-Man’s legs.  You may just want a sketch with the rustic look of pencil on paper, we can do that.  Maybe you prefer clean digital line art and the beauty of heavy shadows.  Or you like to go to cons and get the monochromatic marker tone of the Copic look.  I can do that very easily for you.  For some, the colors, really help to bring the image alive and more fun for you.   Or you got the money and want to see what I can do adding all of my talents into one pic.

Casting the character that you want drawn is preferable.  Lately I have been doing a lot of pieces of show guests and friends and family.  Have you ever wanted to know what YOU would look like as Gambit?  I can make that happen.  Have someone’s bday coming up?  How about a picture done of THEM as their favorite character.  Even if you have a ‘fantasy casting’ of a character.  Wish Adam West played Wolverine?  I can draw that for you.  If you DON’T have a casting preference, instead of doing a basic face, I can cast the character for you at NO extra charge.

Your pic will come with either a blank background or a simple one.  If you would like a more complex background, like a city street or a mountain range, this will cost a little more.  This can be just as hard and time consuming as an extra person in the pic.  Maybe you want to do a pic of you and your loved one as Scott Summers & Jean Grey, or Batman & Catwoman, i can make that happen too.  This also goes for vehicles or anything more complex.  Just take the price of the order you want and add half of that for more stuff.

If you order something for $40 or more, at no extra charge, I will send you a physical print signed by me if you request it.  By default, all of these are done on 46’x71′ at 300dpi sized image and I will send you a merged file of your preference as well as the original .psd file.  That is for ALL orders of any kind.

If you want something done for branding purposes or to use to make money, these prices to not apply, and further negotiations will be necessary for me to look up the market value for the complexity of your order and my current skill level.

I have been practicing everyday lately and am finally at a place where I am comfortable with my art, so I am ready to make something for YOU!  To make sure that you get on the list of projects and to make sure that I will HAVE to create your order, half of the fee is due to register your order and the other half will be due when i am done.  Just contact me here or on social media.  If you want to make double sure I get it, send an email to with the word “DJART” in the subject line and I will hit you back to make sure we work out what you want.

Look forward to your orders and hope I can make something special for you!