BCXradio 6.23.0 – Preshow

BCXradio 6.23.0

This is the preshow for episode 6.23

Here with indie comic creators, Celina and Michael.  We talk for 3 HOURS!  About everything from Nolan to our favorite comic artists to the Sin City movies!  This and much MUCH MORE!

This is the show before the show.  To listen to this, you can buy this audio file for a dollar or join us on Patreon.


BCXradio 6.19.0 – Preshow

BCXradio 6.19.0

This is the pre show for episode 6.19

Here Adam & I talk about our first Portland roommates and he definitely wins the battle for the worst roommate.  

We tried to record a whole show, but started talking about roommates and I had spent the morning working on the website.  I had no energy left for the show and Adam had to leave after the first hour.  Even though he came back later that day, I still couldn’t muster the motivation to finish the show after starting out so far away from where I intended to go.  

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