THE PODCAST FOR FANBOYS WITH A LIFE!  The show for the casual nerd.

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BCX is the show for the casual nerd.  The fanboy or fangirl who can’t afford to buy every issue, trade, video game or special edition BLUray as it comes out.  The fanboy or fangirl who goes to Comic Con, but also has a full life of other interests & relationships.



3 times a week the host, D. Jacob Ryals sits down with a rotation of different cohosts who talk about everything and anything that’s going on in the world, but from the geek perspective.  This is the nerd show you can get your ‘other‘ to listen to.

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D. Jacob Ryals is a fat kid who loves Batman, movies, comics, tv and all sorts of different nerdy shit.  Surrounded by his father’s comic book collection he was raised on Justice League & Star Trek, and has a huge knowledge of all things nerdy.  Also being raised by a step-father who loved staying up late and talking about everything from schrodinger’s cat to masterbation, Jacob loves to talk about the real things in life as well.

This is the show that talks about everything from the density of Wolverine’s claws to  relationships.  From sex to psylocke.  From Worf to Wall Street.  Everything’s on the table.

Jacob is also joined by a rotation of local Portland talent, like comedians, musicians & comic book creators.  No 2 shows are alike, even if we talk about the same topics.  I scour the internet & Portland looking for people you’d want to listen to.



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We also have special shows:

1292311_10151860258230818_295064483_oWe started S5 and every season after with as many cohosts that we can get and rotate them out every hour until we are done.  Also get as many call in guests to call us back.


Our annual Halloween show, we get guests to come in and call in who are the spookiest guests we can get to celebrate the only holiday Jacob cares about.

1264698_10151833328005818_1515426324_oThe only show without Jacob.  This is a show completely filled with women and done by women.  The entire studio is all women cohosts with a guest female host to give us the BCX female perspective.


Soon we will have BCX3D, where BCX records in front of a live audience.


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What is podcasting?

Wikipedia says that “podcasting allows individuals to have a self-published, syndicated radio show.” Podcasting can also be thought of as casual content creation. The simplicity of podcasting allows almost anyone to have a voice – from individuals to corporations. Most free podcasts suck, and we suggest you don’t bother looking around for more to listen too, because you might get frustrated and throw your iPod at your oldest relative.

Do I need an iPod?

No. In fact, you don’t even need an MP3 player at all. You can listen with your computer. But if you have an iPod or similar device, you can listen on-the-go.




I have always had the ‘performer’s bug, but never really had access to a ‘stage’ to showcase my particular talents.  Then I discovered podcasts.  So many shows were just conversations between interesting people and I got to sit in and listen to them.  It took me back to what I had done with my friends my entire life.  No matter the setting or condition of my surroundings, this had always been my favorite thing to do.  Shoot the shit.  With the help of my first laptop I decided to grab my funniest buddies and give it a go.  Years of only making ourselves laugh were over.  It was time to take my particular brand of humor and interests to the globe.

There were so many podcasts in 2009 already that specialized in almost every area of interest for us, but all individually.  There was this podcast for comics, and that podcast for movies, etc, but where was that podcast that covered all of it.  I loved comics, scifi and the like, but I also had a full life with other interests and relationships as well.  So I decided to make that show myself.  The show for the guy or gal who can’t afford to buy every issue or game as soon as it comes out, but still fills their time with these things.

I can’t be the only one.

The mission statement of the show is to try to be as interesting as possible and hopefully make some jokes along the way.  The question I ask everyone who comes on the show is “what do you ‘nerd out’ about?”  Everyone interesting has an interest.  Hopefully we can learn about something new or even validate our selves with one another.  If you are a fanboy, but that doesn’t define who you are, then this is the show for you.



I started recording in 2009.  The first 2 years were HORRIBLE!  With a tiny budget and a huge neurosis, I hardly put out any shows.  With one microphone & plenty of booze we tried to get out all the low hanging jokes we could.  Because the audio quality was sub par, even for then, we just tried creating the best content with a unique format.  After the first 2 self defeating years, finally it was time to put some money into this little hobby and try to bring the audio quality to the same standard we had been putting on content.  In 2011 we got more mics, a mixer and even starting broadcasting live on the internet.  Now that some money was spent, there was no room for the self loathing artist.

557065_10151818908410818_2011203842_nThe birthplace of BCX is Macon, Ga.  Being in a small town in the middle of Georgia was tough to find unique and quality programming.  So, when the opportunity presented itself I looked for a place that would grant me more access to resources and people who fell in line with BCX.  Comics, movies, music, art, nerds & misfits.  So we fell in love with the idea of Portland, OR.  In 2012, the wife found a job and I packed up the car and headed for the sunset.  This has been the best choice for the show by far.

I am still trying to up our game every show with new advancements in either format, guests or technology I can add to the show to make the best radio show you can listen to.



I started with a couple of my highschool buddies and neighbors.  We have had whoever I could grab, that was somewhat interesting in Macon.  We have also had guest appearances from all over the US.  Now that we have relocated, we have tried to take advantage of the more diverse and abundant resources of Portland.  We have had local comedians, musicians, and people in the geek entertainment world on the show, and I continually am looking for more and more interesting people to have on the show. BCX has a constant rotation of the like.  Because of this, not one show is alike.  Even if we go over the same topics there is a new perspective brought to the show.

1959634_10152269717265818_1040165680_nPlease check out the Friends of the Show link to see who has been on the show and the Music page to see what unique artists have given us permission to play their music.  On these pages you can find links to how you can get more of anybody who you have liked on the show.

Even if its just a tweet or two.  🙂

If you think you have something to bring to BCX, contact me and let me know!